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Aspire to Inspire

As a new Mink & Honey Partner you can take advantage of our premium products and share them with new customers while earning a 30% retail bonus on each product sold. In addition to obtaining customers you can sponsor or sign up new Partners and VIP Customers to join your business, while earning additional commissions and residual income in one of the industry’s most generous and easy to understand compensation plans.

Mink & Honey Partners are true business owners that have decided to share the vision and the mission of Mink & Honey and CEO, Monique Rose. Starting from very humble beginnings, Monique has taken many brands to multi-million in revenue and Mink & Honey is well on its way to being a true contender in the Health & Wellness industry.

Mink & Honey is committed to providing true marketing support and tools to its Partners. Mink & Honey is now offering mobile applications for managing your business and sharing products around the world to help you help others aspire to inspire!

Become a VIP Customer

As a new VIP Customer of Mink & Honey, you can take advantage of Mink & Honey’s premium products and easily share them with other customers with your personalized discount code while earning 10% commission. VIP Customers receive an account portal and dashboard, a personalized discount code and access to the Mink & Honey library of materials to promote the products to your tribe.

VIP Customers are extremely valuable to Mink & Honey and the shared mission of its founder and CEO, Monique Rose and the team of Mink & Honey Partners. It’s your testimonials and product reviews that allow us to maintain a positive reputation in the industry. We are proud to serve all of our customers and are blessed to have the best products on the market.

Mink & Honey is committed to providing marketing materials, excellent customer support and products that you’ll fall in love with and want to share with others right away.


What Are the Perks of Working with Us?

  • Bonuses for Peak Performance
  • Awards & Shout Outs
  • Events Exclusive to Mink Partners


Get Pampered for Selling Product

We are obsessed with celebrating our Mink Partners for encouraging a healthy and happy lifestyle by selling our products to their customers. What better way to celebrate their hard work and success than an annual trip? Every year we celebrate our top Partners with a visit to a spa resort.


Weekly Check-Ins & Specials

 Tune in every week to our facebook page for a LIVE broadcast with Mink High Ranking Partners where we present product specials and company news!


Aspire to Inspire Year-Round Events

Impactful testimonials, company news, training sessions, dinner parties, product specials and so much more. Our mission is to aspire to inspire as much as we can!


Join our Family Now, We’ve Been Waiting on You!    Become a Mink Partner



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